May ~ June 2019

Equestrian 馬術課程 野外騎乘 6/6/2019

As always, every Thursday we enjoy an afternoon away from our classrooms and ride along with our "friends". We become friends with the horses that we see every Thursday throughout the semester. We groom them to thank them for taking us around the fields. As each afternoon ends we look forward to the next time we meet. It's so nice to be able to learn and exercise outside of the campus setting.






發表會 AI Seminar III 5/28/2019

What is AI and how is it shaping the lives around us?

Through a video-conference seminar with Ms. Wolf of the British Columbia Securities Commission in Canada we learned about the background of AI, then it was our turn to research and share with the class of how AI is affecting our lives and our future.


AI如何影響我們周圍的生活? 透過與加拿大BCSC 證券委員會的沃爾夫女士的視頻會議研討會,我們了解了人工智能的背景,然後輪到我們研究和分享人工智能如何影響我們的生活和未來。

菜餚聚會 Potluck Dinner 5/21/2019

The Music

The Show

The Food

The Game

水資源探勘 Science Field Trip to Water Reservoir 5/1/2019


竹東生態河濱公園。 您知道家鄉的水質環境嗎。讓卡爾專業師資,台大高分子博士,帶孩子一起實地觀測新竹各河流上、中、下游水質變化與酸鹼值檢定,以實際場勘的方式,讓孩子親自操作,學習如何檢測,更進一步應用在期末志工週,教學偏鄉學校的孩子,共享學習資源,回饋社會,同時也是品格教育重要的一課。

孩子們雖然疲累,但還是努力地整理觀測紀錄結果,完成報告,卡爾的師長們都以孩子們為榮,也期許孩子充實自己更加茁壯,成為對社會有價值的人! 還有更多豐富,充滿意義的活動,都會在每個學期實際執行 卡爾國際實驗教育期待更多孩子的加入喔!!