We are a high-tech high school providing students with hope and direction while building their confidence and providing them with the tools they need to be successful in life anywhere in the world. At our school, students will learn to think both creatively and critically, develop a lifelong passion for learning with an international perspective and build technical skills to prepare themselves for the future.


卡爾實驗教育機構由卡爾教育基金會支持設立, 也由基金會邀請專業教授擔任實驗教育之顧問, 於民國一百零五年九月正式組成課程暨教學研究發展委員會, 著手教育經營理念之激盪並開始籌設「卡爾國高中課程」之規劃。創辦人擔任外語工作多年,曾協助很多勇敢、有志向的國、高中及大學畢業生至海外升學或工讀, 讓他們得以學習生活獨立、經濟獨立,並結合自身的興趣及所學專長, 發展服務社會以及回饋臺灣的能力。


The founder has been involved in education for more than ten years and fully understands how crucial it is to improve the international mobility of Taiwanese students. Since students in Taiwan will need to work with and compete with people from other parts of the world, it is critical that we educate students to prepare them for international collaboration, competition, and mobility. Understanding the international community, developing an international perspective, and becoming a global citizen with a national identity, international literacy, global competitiveness and global responsibility are all very important things for these students to learn.







Characteristics of a Karl Graduate

  • Hopeful and Confident: I can see a bright future for myself and am confident that I have the skills, knowledge, and experience that will take me there.
  • Passionate About Learning: I have developed a lifelong passion for learning This will allow me to continuously adapt to a rapidly changing world.
  • A Global Citizen: I am aware of and understand the wider world - and our place in it. I take active roles in the community, and work with others to make our planet more equal, fair and sustainable.
  • A Creative and Critical Thinker: I tackle problems with curiosity while challenging assumptions and considering a breadth of creative solutions.


字母K:代表 KIEEI 以及卡爾教育基金會,同時意謂著皇室至高無上的權貴。

象徵神獸: 獅鷲是古希臘神聖權力的守護者,富有強大的信心和精湛的獵技,是智慧與勇氣和力量的結合,有強烈的正義感。意謂學校如同雄偉的獅鷲守護學生,使其成長茁壯,亦期許學生秉持獅鷲般的精神,顯赫自我的獨特性。

地球: 世界地球村,培養學生的國際宏觀,使其具備國際移動力。

幼苗: 培育青年,落實社會實踐,成為世界公民。