Accommodation Assistance

To offer support to those families who live at a distance from Karl School, a high-quality shared-occupancy accommodation can be provided by the school.

Situated right next to the school campus, the accommodation is ideally situated for its residents. All modern comforts are available and a shared kitchen space can be utilised by the students staying at the dormitory. There is also air conditioning in each room, in addition to a washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator on the first floor.

The school staff maintains regular contact with the dormitory residents in order to ensure their comfort, safety and satisfaction.

Short-term as well as longer-term stays can be arranged on request.



位置:在學校旁邊,步行 1 分鐘內。

房間可容納人數:2-3 位學生。




School Dormitory

The spacious, bright rooms face out onto the street with balconies. There is a maximum occupancy of two to three students per room. Each student has their own wardrobe to store clothing and other personal belongings.



Students have access to a large study space and storage in the dormitory rooms.

The common room is a shared space for socialising, reading, relaxation and watching television.

The television and coffee table of the shared living room space.

Dormitory rooms are well-ventilated, with large windows and air conditioning.