Student Production Projects

On this page you will find a selection of Karl students' project work. We are proud of our students' work and hope that you can get an insight into the kind of creative work our students produce. This project work in various disciplines also demonstrates their ability to apply and synthesize their knowledge, solve problems and express their creativity.

Digital Music

Field Recordings

For this project, students selected one out of three mid-term projects. In one of these choices, students were tasked with recording 10 sounds of their liking, just as a field recordist would do, They then had to transfer the recorded files to the computer, before editing them together using Audacity sound editing software. In addition, students had to write a short report which explained where they recorded each sound and why they chose to record it.

DJ Gregory audacity project.mp3

DJ Mixes

Another of the three possible choices for the Digital Music mid-term was that students were asked to record a 15-minute live mix of several songs they chose. They were told that the music should not stop and that extra credit could be received for beat-mixing, applying effects or looping. The attached audio file on the left of the screen is one of the best examples. Two students decided to work together on this mix, and so the length was doubled to 30 minutes.

alex,lyan 's DJmix.mp3

Pixel Art

Pixel Art Posters

Students on our I.T. Applications course created a piece of pixel art for their mid-term projects. Leading up to this, they had been learning how to use image editing software (Gimp) to render clean pixel-level graphics. The final work had to be exported as a .jpeg or .png file ready to be printed as an A4 document. The final posters were then displayed on the walls in the computer lab.

The students received marks for the effort they put into the work, the relative difficulty of what they were trying to achieve, and the overall aesthetics of the project. They also produced a short piece of writing, explaining what their idea was, how they achieved the results, the difficulties they had, and what they learned by completing the project.

Video Interviews

Do you know what IELTS stands for? 卡爾帶你一起考驗鄉民對雅思的認識,並看看哪個明星在大家心目中英文能力比較強呢?

第一次在攝影機前當主持人的功力不錯喔,既幽默又專業,真的是很快就上手了。謝謝 Mr. Baird的剪接。

Einstein vs Iron Man, John Cena vs The Rock, Mr. Bean vs the dog from MIB