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Karl International Experimental Education

As a parent of the new era, I believe you know better than anyone else, the importance of competitiveness, Karl International Experimental Education for children, carefully designed IGCSE & ALevel courses to guide children to easily win at the starting point, strong strength to meet the fast changing future . We emphasize teaching children the thinking and skills of independent solutions, rather than rigidly asking them to carry back meaningless texts. Every Carl ’s child is unique, shiny and confident!

The IGCSE & ALevel course that breaks the traditional teaching and space constraints teaches children the thinking and skills of independent solutions

Karl International Experimental Education is an educational institution co-produced by a group of experts who have been engaged in education for many years and countless long-term hopes. We break the traditional teaching and space restrictions and take the cultivation of future elite talents as the purpose of running the school. And the unique IGCSE & ALevel course will train your children to become citizens of the world. After understanding our timetable, you will be amazed by Karl ’s intentions. The proportion of our grades and specialty courses is far beyond the average public schools. Diversified IGCSE & ALevel courses to develop the potential of each child.

Karl International Experimental Education creates an atmosphere of learning that is open and warm to students. It is a few steps ahead of others to face the challenges of diversified overseas studies

The purpose of Karl International Experimental Education is to hope that students can gradually realize their dreams through the loosening and innovation of experimental education. If your child has a plan for multiple overseas studies, Karl International Experimental Education is definitely the first choice. We create a Students feel an open and warm learning atmosphere, and the courses designed to develop students' "Creativity, Professionalism, Adaptability, Communication, Practice" are all designed to cultivate children's international mobility and quickly adapt to this competitive Generations.

At present, Taiwan's industry is seeking transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing. As a student of the next generation, your child should be better prepared, not only need to be clear about their positioning and superiority, but also have the cultivation of international vision, Ability to participate in international affairs and implement social practice, these are taken into consideration by Karl International Experimental Education when planning courses. Under such a learning environment, students of Karl International Experimental Education have already been ahead of others. In the face of the challenges of diversified overseas education, of course, it can of course become a global talent with professional knowledge, moral character and international mobility.

IGCSE 台灣、ALevel 台灣

身為新時代的父母,相信您比誰都清楚,競爭力的重要,Karl 卡爾國際實驗教育為孩子著想,精心設計的IGCSE、ALevel課程引導孩子輕鬆贏在起跑點上,實力堅強地迎接快速變遷的未來。我們強調教給孩子獨立解決方法的思維與技能,而非生硬地要求他們死背毫無意義的課文,每一個卡爾的孩子都是獨一無二、閃閃發亮且充滿自信的!


Karl 卡爾國際實驗教育是由一群從事教育多年的專家及無數家長期盼下,共同催生的教育機構,我們打破傳統的教學與空間限制,以培養未來的菁英人才為辦學宗旨,透過我們有系統且獨特的IGCSE、ALevel課程,培養您的孩子成為世界公民,了解我們的課表之後,您會訝異於卡爾的用心,我們各年級與特色學程專業科目的比例,遠遠超出一般公立學校所及,多元化的IGCSE、ALevel課程,開發每個孩子的潛能。

Karl 卡爾國際實驗教育營造一個讓學生感到開放且溫暖的學習氛圍-比其他人搶先好幾步面對海外多元升學的挑戰

Karl卡爾國際實驗教育設立的目的,就是希望透過實驗教育的鬆綁與創新理念,輔導學生逐步實現夢想,如果您的孩子有海外多元升學的計劃, Karl卡爾國際實驗教育絕對是首選,我們營造一個讓學生感到開放且溫暖的學習氛圍,所設計能夠發展學生「創造力、專業力、適應力、溝通力、實踐力」五力的課程,都是為了培養孩子的國際移動力,快速適應這個競爭激代的世代。

目前台灣產業正由傳統的製造業尋求轉型與升級,身為下一個世代的學子,您的孩子應該做更好的準備,不只需要清楚自己的定位與優勢能力,還應該具備國際視野的涵養、參與國際事務,落實社會實踐的能力,這些都是Karl 卡爾國際實驗教育在規劃課程時,所納入考量的,在這樣的學習環境下,Karl 卡爾國際實驗教育的學生早就比其他人搶先好幾步面對海外多元升學的挑戰,當然能夠成為擁有專業知識兼具品德素養與國際移動力的全球化人才。

Mr. Fan-Hsuan, Lin 林凡軒老師
Mr. Johnson Tai 戴良樺老師
Mr. Marcos Perez
Mr. Yu-Cheng Kuo 郭育誠老師
Mr. Paul Li 李宬風老師
Ms. Sue Huang 黃素玲老師
Mr. Mike Chou 周智倫老師
科學 - 化學Chemistry
Mr. Abdelreheem Saddik
Mr. Richard Ko 柯鈞鐘 老
科學 - 物理Physics
Mr. Ita Wang 王一大老師
Mr. Newman Liu 劉逸履老師
Mr. Duncan L.
科學 - 地球科學Earth Science
Mr. Hao Hsu-Chao
科學 - 生物Biology
Ms. Giwas Meng
Mr. Ahmed Elshikh
人文與藝術 - 社會與公民Social Studies
Mr. Gene Sorum
Mr. Joseph Lee 李箴老師
人文與藝術 - 美術Art
Mr. Adrian Feng
人文與藝術 - 心理輔導室Counseling Office
Ms. Miao
人文與藝術 - 地理Geography
楊鵬淵 老師
人文與藝術 - 歷史Histor
王其立 老師
Mr. Neil Chang
Ms. Iris Lin
教育目標Our Goals
Alternative Education

In June of 1999 the Ministry of Education in Taiwan followed the foot steps of several developed nations, including the US, Canada, Japan, and the UK, and made a breakthrough in reshaping the education system in Taiwan. Parents have the responsibility towards their children but are free to choose the method, content, and institution in which they are taught for the greatest benefit of the children. Parents now have more flexibility in choosing the most suitable learning environment for their children, thus minimizing the impact of forceful education.

Karl International Experiment Education Institution (KARL) was established by a group of passionate and experience educators. Parents and students have long hoped for an alternative form of education that sets itself apart from conventional Asian approach filled with tests, exams, and a lack of creativity. Our innovative classes break through the traditional methodologies and limits and guide students in using programming and technology to learn and resolve problems creativity in preparation for the future.

According to a study done by economist Casey Davidson from Duke University, 65% college graduates who begin their elementary education after 2011 will work in positions that are non-existent today. Education of the future should focus on teaching students abilities that would allow them to think and resolve problems independently and to quickly adapt to new skills.


民國88年6月23日教育部公佈施行「教育基本法」,對於家長教育選擇權,在第八條第二項有明確的規定:「國民教育階段內,家長負有輔導 子女之責任;並得為其子女之最佳福祉,依法律選擇受教育之方式、內容及參與學校教育事務之權利」。


卡爾國際實驗教育機構是由一群從事教育多年的教育專家以及無數家長期盼下共同催生的實驗教育機構。我們打破傳統的教學與空間限制,創 新課程,教導孩子們運用科技學習新事物以及獨立解決問題的能力,做好迎接未來的準備;美國杜克大學經濟學家凱西.戴維森預測「2011年 入學的美國小學生,將有65%在大學畢業後,從事目前不存在的職業,未來教育應培養孩子從事『目前不存在職業』的能力,即為自主學習、獨立思考、快速適應生活的能力」。

本機構以培養未來菁英人才為辦學宗旨,開發四大特色課程,並於資訊編輯、全球視野、展現自我,以及國際志工實踐等面向,培養孩子們成為 世界公民,最終成為一個擁有專業知識兼具品德素養與國際移動力的全球化人才。