卡爾實驗教育機構 - 教學特色Approach
Our Unique Teaching Approach

In order to cope with the impact of this era of globalization, we need to make sure children have strong communication, resilience, professionalism, creativity, and ability to apply what they learned onto the real world. Given this modern world of globalization, building skills and enabling international mobility are the primary purposes for establishing Karl International Experimental Education Institute.

With the flexibility of experimental education, this institution amends the traditional approach to education and provides a new approach to help children learn foreign languages, grasp a global perspective, volunteer locally/internationally, and gain technical knowledge. We also use a mix of local and international textbooks, different learning methods and multiple assessment techniques to support this new approach. All these give our students the freedom to choose where in the world they want to work and live.





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表藝文創 -發現自我

Performing Arts

全球視野 培育世界公民

Global Perspective

1. Computer Science and AI Foundation

In the technology embedded world of today, it is never too early to learn about computer science and AI. Students will learn all aspects of software development including essential concepts and how to program, implement and deploy software. Multiple languages are taught, starting with Python because it has many applications including AI.

Teaching Approach: Students learn the concepts and then apply them by creating their own software. Through this process not only do they learn programming, but they also learn how to solve problems with computers.

1. 首創數位知能特色學程 迎接未來智慧生活




2. Global Perspective - Becoming a Global Citizen

Global perspective is a collaborative learning of history, geography, and global citizenship to understand the historical background and environmental differences of each region. In addition, students will be able to discuss various issues around the world, such as political systems, economic developments, and global challenges. Students will also get to learn other cultures from sister schools in different countries and visit different areas in Taiwan. Finally, students will participate in international non-profit organizations as volunteers to truly become global citizens.

Teaching Approach: For grades seven to eleven, students learn from textbooks, articles and lectures, but the emphasis is placed on discussions, researches, reports, and participation. In grade twelve, students have the opportunity to study abroad and volunteer locally or abroad to strengthen their college application and resume. Students will report on their planning and preparation process as well as what they learned after the service is complete.

2. 涵養全球視野 培育世界公民




3. Performing Arts - A Journey to Self-Discovery

Students will have hands-on experience with literature, music, fine arts, performing arts, film production, media production, and other creative pursuits. Integrated teaching of all these areas is used to understand theater, story writing, and performance.

Teaching Approach: Grades Seven to nine will learn to appreciate film production, and produce their own short films. Grades ten to twelve will start to use their newly acquired knowledge to distinguish the differences in film production, and use specialized software to produce several digital works. All these activities will be supplemented with studio visits.

3. 表藝文創 -發現自我




4. Internationalization and Globalization

Our team has been involved in education for more than ten years and fully understands how crucial it is to improve the international mobility of Taiwanese students. Since students in Taiwan will need to work with and compete with people from other parts of the world, it is critical that we educate students to prepare them for international collaboration, competition, and mobility. Understanding the international community, developing an international perspective, and becoming a global citizen with a national identity, international literacy, global competitiveness and global responsibility are all very important things for our students to learn.

4. 國際移動力 放眼全世界



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