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Our Unique Teaching Approach卡爾國際實驗教育的教學特色

In order to cope with the impact of this era of globalization, we need to make sure children have strong communication, resilience, professionalism, creativity, and ability to apply what they learned onto the real world. Given this modern world of globalization, building skills and enabling international mobility are the primary purposes for establishing Karl International Experimental Education Institute.

In addition to fundamental academic courses, other weekly activities for the 2019 Fall Semester include rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, 3D printing, digital music production, and English dubbing. Our teacher to student ratio of 1:10 ensures that children get ample attention from teachers and plentiful access to resources for a fun and fruitful journey in middle school and high school.


除了基本課業之外,每週進行探索教育包含攀岩、極限飛盤、3D列印、數位音樂製作、英語配音等前衛課程. 1:10小班制的師生比例讓孩子可以充分享受到學校的資源與老師的照顧,有個豐富又快樂的國高中旅程。

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